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Not Only Vanilla Sex, There’s More

Most of the time, when people speak of sex, everyone is just so familiar of Vanilla Sky. Vanilla Sex is the plain and conventional sex position that everybody is familiar with. While the term suggests an old favorite, it also implies sex that could be connoted as dull and unadventurous. Sticking out with the plain and the usual can be quite risky. It may entertain boredom between the couple. Here are some tips that you may consider to improve your sex life.

Sex Positions That Rock
Trying a new sex position is not only for the excited honeymooners, anyone  can rekindle the spark with their long-term partner by trying out something new. This does not require you to be super flexible nor wildly adventurous- these are just options that you may want to try. Try to consider them and make your bedroom less of a flicker and more of a full-blown fire in no time.
Standing Tiger, Crouching Dragon
While the lady is perched up on an elevated surface, the guy’s penis has greater rear entry to hit the G-spot and send tingling sensation all over the lady’s body. It gives more opportunity for your man to touch your hair, slap your butt, and manhandle you however you want.

Doggie Style
This is a great position for step mom teaches sex since it gives her to have optimal control. She can easily adjust her range of motion for the best angle while the man can stimulate her G-spot and have access to her clitoris.

This is another great position that you may want to try. Both partners are lying down. The woman is on her back and the guy is on his side. She has her legs draped over his middle like a giant X. Since the bodies aren’t squishes against from each other, either you or your partner reach down and rub her clitoris where most women need just to reach the Big O.
Kinky Heir to The Throne
Inspired by the hit series, The Game of Thrones, try something that is a bit offeat. Ask your guy to use a scarf or tie to bind your hands and you may also include the legs to a chair. The mere fact that the guy knows that he is totally in control, this immediately turns the heat on. For a stronger O, cougar seduce him and have him tease your G-spot while simultaneously applying pressure to your pelvic bone.

The Pillow Technique
As experts agree that positions become more pleasurable for a woman when a pillow or blanket is added. Having a pillow to elevate the pelvic area allow the guy to man rub her G-spot with his penis.

Which One Should I Try?
The suggestions given above are just options for you to choose from on team skeet free. You may want to search for more options but adding variety to your sex life improves your relationship with your partner. You must consider a position that yields great sensual pleasure for both of you and at the same time comfortable to work on.


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